Procedure for uploading application materials

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Procedure for uploading application materials

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After requesting an application login thru the applications portal on the main page of the CMLA website and receiving confirmation that a forum has been created for your institution, follow the procedure below to upload your application materials.

Filesize and Format:
Be sure to convert all files to PDF format. There are 27 individual *.pdf files that will comprise the application; they should be labeled "MainBody.pdf" for the application, and "Appendix_A.pdf" to "Appendix_Z.pdf" for the required appendices. Please bundle these files together (each in PDF format) using a zip utility, to simplify the upload/download process for the reviewers.

The combined zipped files must also not exceed the 15MB filesize limit per file, so it may require more than one zip file to attach all files required to complete the application. Typically you can attach 3 15MB zipped files to each post. If you have more zipped files to attach, add an additional post and attach them there.

The simplest procedure is to keep adding *.pdf files to a zipped container until you get close to 15MB compressed. Then move to the next set of files in order. Watch your filesize as some appendices may be small and other may fill the entire 15MB limit with one or two appendices. If a single *.pdf file is larger than 15MB, split it in two and upload each separately.

To facilitate the review of your application and assure that the application is reviewed in its entirety, please number each page in the lower right corner using the format <page#> "of" <total pages>. This applies to each of the 27 required files separately; there isn't a need to number all the appendices as if they were part of a single numbered submission.

Upload Procedure:
1. Login using your applicant login after clicking on the “Applicant Portal” tab
2. Under the “Applications” forum, click on the Bold title of the forum for your institution
3. Click on “new topic”
4. Add an appropriate subject heading, a brief message body describing what you are doing, then scroll down to the “Add an Attachment” section.
NOTE: you MUST have a subject heading and message body for the attachment to be accepted and for the posting to be processed.
5. Use the browse button to find the *.pdf or *.zip file you want to upload
6. After the filename appears in the field, check to be sure it is the file you want to upload. If it is, then either preview the post or submit.
7. When done, be sure to click the "Submit" button.
8. Check the forum to be sure your post appears, and the attachment is there
9. Download the attachment back to yourself to be sure the file or files are uploaded correctly
10. When all materials have been uploaded and the application is complete, please post a new topic to the forum stating this and authorizing CMLA to begin the review process.

If you have any questions or have difficulty with this procedure, post a new message on this forum; the moderator will reply shortly. Thanks for your interest in the CMLA.
James Carollo
CMLA Forum Moderator
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