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John Henley, PhD

A. I. duPont Hospital for Children
President, GCMAS Representative

I have been working with children with cerebral palsy for over 20 years as an engineer and program director of motion analysis laboratories. I started in this field as a physicist looking for an application. I began with sports at the University of Delaware and moved to the elderly, balance and feet at the Pennsylvania State University. After a few years teaching at universities, I returned to clinical work and to children at the motion analysis laboratory at the Richmond Children’s Hospital. Here my work was focused on clinical gait analysis, and on the development of models and programs to analyze the intrinsic motion of the foot (a multisegment foot model) and the upper extremity in children. From here I moved to the gait analysis laboratory at duPont hospital for children I took over as the department manager. In addition to continuing my interests in development of foot and upper extremity models and clinical research I have been interested in long term outcomes of surgical and therapeutic therapies on individuals with cerebral palsy, skeletal dysplasia.

Commission for Motion Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. CMLA