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Links to current CMLA policies, procedures, public disclosures, Commission bylaws and other resources that govern the laboratory accreditation process are shown in the list below. They include guidelines for the accreditation application submission, review, and appeals process, and clearer descriptions of important aspects of clinical movement analysis as it pertains to CMLA accreditation. We also include references and training material that may be useful to applicants seeking CMLA accreditation for their clinical gait/motion laboratory.

  1. Administrative Policies & Procedures
    1. Application Submission Procedure
    2. Laboratory Application Review Policy
    3. Accreditation Decision Appeal Policy and Procedure
    4. CMLA Suggestions/Grievance Policy and Procedure
    5. CMLA Board of Directors Conflict of Interest Policy
    6. Member Society Liaison Responsibilities
    7. Scope of Practice Policy for Clinicians Participating in Clinical Interpretation
    8. CMLA Statement Regarding Sharing
    9. Translation Policy
  2. Quality Improvement and Training
    1. CMLA Quality Improvement Statement
  3. CMLA Bylaws
  4. CMLA Presentations on Accreditation Process and Successful Practices
    1. GCMAS Annual Meeting Presentation
    2. Successful Practices for IGA: Clinical Assessment
    3. Quality Assurance for Force and Motion Systems
    4. Successful Practices for IGA: Dynamic EMG
    5. Successful Practices for IGA: Data Interpretation and Clinical Recommendations
    6. James Richards 2019 GCMAS Keynote: Is the data from your lab as accurate as it can be?


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